Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scotland, PA

A hit at Sundance in 2000, Scotland, PA, by Connecticut native Billy Morissette, casts Macbeth (Christopher Walken) in a whole new light.  Billy says he got the idea when he had to sit through his English teacher's droning explanation (who among us has not felt that way about at least one of our English teachers as h/she explains Shakespeare?!) of Macbeth, but it took ten years and his wife Maura Tierney's help and participation to get it made.  It's a great romp -- if only for Walken's manic portrayal -- and can be found in parts on YouTube or in toto at Blockbuster.

An updated version -- and somewhat comedic -- of Macbeth
set in Scotland, PA.  Christopher Walken is downright maniacal. . .

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