Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Countdown to Opening. . .

Only three more days till the curtain goes up on The Actors Shakespeare Company at New Jersey City University's production of William Shakespeare's Macbeth on March 16th!  We hope you're getting so excited you're telling all your friends to come see the show with you.  It runs through the first of April, and the schedule of performances is as follows:

March 16 – April 1, 2012

7:30 p.m. Friday

3:00 p.m. Saturday

3:00 p.m. Sunday

Remember, as you prepare for your journey to the theater to see the show,  memorize Hamlet's invocation, so that you can recite it before the lights go down, and the first scene begins.
"Angels and ministers of grace, defend us!" to protect the production from The Curse!

Below some names of people to watch for when you attend the performance.

Macbeth is directed by Play Master Colette Rice.  Fight choreography is by Mark McCarthy. Production Stage Manager is Jennifer America.
Playmaster Colette Rice confers with Michael Basile, the actor playing Macbeth
Photo by Cindy Boyle

Macbeth cast

Macbeth               Michael Basile
Lady Macbeth      Denise Hurd (witch, Seward, Fleance)
Malcolm               Patrick Harvey (Lenox, Young Macduff, witch)
Macduff               Terrence MacSweeney (Seyton, Bloody Captain, witch)
Ross                     Colin Ryan (Witch, doctor, murderer)
Duncan                Jonathan Dewberry (Porter, murderer, Mentieth) 

Michael Basile and Jonathan Dewberry rehearse a fight scene for ASC's Macbeth
Photo by Lauren Casselberry
Macbeth Creative Team 

Set Design                 Timur Kocak
Properties Design      Michael Hajek
Costume Design        Eva Lachur-Omeljaniuk
Lighting Design        Paul Hudson    
Music Master            Anthony Bez
Wardrobe Mistress    Cindy Boyle  

West Side Theater Manager is Colleen Conwell      

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