Sunday, February 19, 2012

Theater and Engineering? You betcha! At Arizona State, no less!!

Two major movements are creating new opportunities and new horizons in theater: media engineering and youth theater.  So imagine how ahead of the curve one could be by being certified to practice and teach any combination of the two.  There are a few programs budding across the country. MIT's Media Labs has some extraordinarily innovative programs -- 

One newer program that is quickly drawing attention and building renown is the Media and Engineering program through the Herberger Institute for Design and the ARts at Arizona State University in Tempe

With a decided bent toward interactive and multimedia programming, puppetry and social awareness in storytelling, the School of Theater and Film at ASU offers Master's and Ph.D. programs that foster community partnerships, actualization of voice and individuality, and deep understanding of the place and purpose of electronic media in the arts.

Combining traditional theater with electronics devices and by using not only the stage but screens over and around the stage engages the IPOD/IPAD/Computer generation  in the experience of theater in a way they can better comprehend, making the programming more accessible to them.

Shakespeare would  be thrilled to know that his plays are ripe for adaptation to the interactive multi-media age.  He's probably kicking himself that he can't play now.

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