Monday, February 13, 2012

Arizona Dichotomy

Arizona, land of sunshine and paradox.  Yesterday I attended a show at ASU ( )celebrating the Centenniel of Arizona Statehood (14 February 1912), and it's hard to keep track of the dichotomies as they fly at me.

In a state where the average woman still make less than a third of what a man makes, in a place where sexual harassment is still something you gotta love about the boys, in an atmosphere where women still defer to the authority of their husbands, Jan Brewer is the Governor, Rebecca White Berch is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Gabrielle Giffords has (tragically) ascended to national heroism.

An entire school system in the second largest city in the state just outlawed The Tempest, but the people in the School of Theater and Film at Arizona State University had no idea that the spectre of censorship hovered now nearby.  In fact, when contacted by telephone, people at the University of Arizona's School of Theater, Film and Television in Tucson had no idea that The Tempest had been named non grata anywhere.  "But that's absurd.  Why would anyone be afraid of The Tempest in the 21st Century?"

Why indeed.

To be continued

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Peter Galman said...

Fear the Tempest? Ah, yes, awe and wonder at the magic, yes, but, indeed, only the boatswain does fear the tempest in Tempest.