Friday, September 30, 2011

The Christmas Carol Quiz

How well versed are you in Christmas Carol trivia? Test your acumen for the classic tale right here with our little pop quiz.

1. Where is the climactic scene in A Christmas Carol set, at whose home in what part of what town? Be specific -- Dickens names the neighborhood.

2. Who is the character pictured here?

3. Who is Scrooge's partner, and where is he?

4. What role does the partner actually play in the play?

5. Name Scrooge's nephew and the nephew's mother, Scrooge's sister.

6. What is Bob Cratchit's wife's name?

7. How many Cratchit children are there?.

8. What caused Scrooge's descent into melancholy over Christmastime?

9. What is the name of the benevolent boss in Scrooge's past?

10. Name three actors who have famously played Scrooge.

Check your answers below. If you answered fewer than all ten, you NEED to see A Christmas Carol playing as part of our Christmas with Dickets and Dylan celebration December 8-18. If you got all right, you WANT to come see us bring these classic characters to vibrant new life yet again! Hope to see you there. . . .

[1. Cratchits' home, Camden Town, London; 2.)The third visitor, the Ghost of Christmas Present; 3.)(Old) Jacob Marley is underground, dead as a door-nail; 4)He tells Scrooge to mend his ways or fact the spirits who will visit him this night; 5.)Nephew is Fred; Fan is S's sister; 6.)Mrs. Cratchit; 7.) Six: Peter, Belinda, Martha, an unnamed daughter, an unnamed son and, of course, Tiny Tim ; 8.)Belle; 9.)Old Mr. Fezziwig; 10.) Lionel Barrymore in a radio adaptation in 1930's and '40's (subbed by brother John when Lionel was ill), Alistair Sim (1950 film), Michael Caine (w/Muppets, 1988); Bill Murray (Scrooged, 1988), George C. Scott (1984), Cyral Ritchard (1964), Albert Finney (1970), Frederic March, 1954, Tim Curry (1997), Jim Carrey (animated version 2009), Patrick Stewart (1999), and many many more. . . .]

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